Fără chitară in Nepal

La Mulţi Ani, Ileana!

Astăzi împlineşte 15 ani şi este în a 139-a zi a călătoriei în jurul lumii, împreună cu familia; a ajuns de două zile in Noua Zeelandă, dupa Japonia, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Thailanda, Hong Kong, Malaysia.

Later, I was writing outside as Jamal was drying the glasses. One thing that I’d noticed about him was that he liked to sing, but, unfortunately for me, he sang quietly. So I asked him what he was singing.
“Nepali love song,” he said.
“Oh. Will you sing it for me?” I asked, being the insatiably curious one that I am.
“Nooooo,” he said, embarrassed. “What about you, do you sing?”
“Well, um, yeah. You know. A bit.”
“Sing something for me,” he said, making encouraging gestures.
Oh thank God for China. I understand China. I know Chinese food. China makes sense. Not that I don’t love India, no—but despite how much colder it is here, I love China much more.
We flew from Kochi, India, to Guilin, China, then took a taxi to Yangshuo, where we had a real fireplace and electric blankets. We hiked mountains, rode buses, and floated down rivers.[…]
Right now we’re on the plane to Kuala Lumpur, so that’s it for China (for now)!
(China (because this is SUCH an imaginative title))

S-a născut în România şi am botezat-o într-o zi de 10 Mai (Izvorul Tămăduirii, în calendarul ortodox din acel an). La 3 luni a zburat prima dată cu avionul. Spre America.

Pe blogul calatoriei scrie în engleză, dar puteţi comenta liniştit în româneşte. Există şi o variantă în limba româna a blogului.

La Mulţi Ani, Ileana!